Why We Don’t Have a “White History Month”

By creating laws that made it more difficult for slaves to gain their freedom by saving money, by creating laws against slaves learning to read and write, and by making laws that made the punishments worse for slaves that ran away, the ruling class gave white indentured servants and poor folks a false sense of importance and superiority. This in combination with fear mongering, regarding slave revolts, over the course of decades, white supremacy emerged.  American racism was born.

How “I Love American History” Came About

This was originally published as a part of our Facebook page, that remained empty for nearly 3 years. I’m from the Midwest, where we are taught that talking about yourself is not proper, so I apologize my humility has has prevented me from doing this for so long. However, nowadays, it’s all about show and tell, so I guess it has become necessary. And since you all have taken the time to follow and read my content, I suppose you have a right to know who the hell I am. Someone once said something like, “if good men don’t do the work, bad men will.” So, without further ado, here is a short biography of me and "I love American History."

Hot Button Topic Series: The History of Bias in the American Press

Selectively citing facts and omitting others in a war of information, is not a practice held exclusively by 21st Century companies like Fox News and the MSNBC. “Fair and balanced?” “Most Trusted Name in News” These contemporary press slogans are in the eye of the beholder. Bias is an American tradition. Though one can argue it adds to the polarization of our nation, I ask, what is the alternative?